I was going to change Catlin into a dress for the red post that I was doing but I just loved her in the outfit she had on, so in the end decided to leave her in it and take some photo’s.

I just love how she looks in this rust coloured coat by Karen Warnaka that I have teamed with
a skirt and blouse set by Ruth Hartley and shoes by JJ.

A closer view of Catlin.

The colour goes very well with her red hair.

Here she is without her coat. I do like these floral blouses with the pleated skirt with braces.

a closer view.

I really need to find their hair brush! I can never seem to lay my hands on it when I need it. I may have to get a couple more and keep them in various places round the house!
But if it’s anything like the usual I’ll be finding someone just about to use them on their hair!!