Today is cold but incredibly sunny, so I took a walk round the garden after lunch, I took the camera with me, to record any flowers or things of interest in the garden. Problem is with the gorgeous sunshine I kept over shadowing things when trying to use the camera, deciding to give up I was heading back in when I came across a beautiful field of Persian Poppies…..

… on the back of a sweater… the wearer seemed to be watching something through the trellis.

I went to the side to try and catch their attention, without making them jump!

They seem very intent on something through the trellis, I decide to go to the other side ans see for myself!

I can see nothing, so cough lightly..

” Oh It’s you Jamie!”
“Yes have you been there long? ”

“Long enough to see you staring through the trellis, what was you watching? ”
” Just that cat Mable she seems to be following me!”

” She is quite a nosy cat ”
“She is ” replies Jamie ” Hold on! here she comes I’;m going to satnd perfect still and pretend I don’t see her! I never should have stroked her! ”

Jamie stands still barely breathing while Mable hops up and checks him out.

Getting bored when Jamie remains still, she does to wander off.

“Thank goodness ” sighs Jamie ” I think she’s gone!”

“Yes , she just gone through the trellis, your safe for now!” I laugh ” That’s a lovely sweater and hat you have there !”

” Do you like it? ” smiles Jamie delighted ” It’s made by Auntie Diane, she has special permission from the designer Kaffe Fassett , it’s based on his Persian Poppies ”

“Well I think it’s wonderful and looks lovely on you ”

“Do you think so? ” smiles Jamie ” I love that it hides my funny hair cut! and it keeps my head nice and warm too ”
” I should think it does , let’s go and take  a few photos of you in it, so auntie Diane can see how fine you look!”

Jamie agrees.

Jamie goes up to one of  the gargoyle’s in the garden, the gargoyle keeps an eye on him!

I take a few quick shots while they size each other up!



Mmm I think they have come to some sort of silent agreement!

sunshine and shadows


Just to show how sunny it was!

another look at that fabulous sweater and hat.


Please note that to be inspired by the clothing shown and to add a twist or style of your own , is creative and of interest but to copy any design outright is not acceptable. Diane Dukes has permission from the famous designer to use his designs, adapted by her after much trial and error, for the Sasha dolls. So please respect this and if it’s inspired you to be creative all well and good if it’s inspired you to copy.. go have a cup of tea and decide how you’d feel if you’d spent all that time perfecting something and for some else to steal the design..

Remember to copy is not to flatter , to copy is lazy and unimaginative , to take an idea and run with it to somewhere else then that’s talent. Be it in design, photography or content.