of love , so they say ! also rage , anger and whatever else.. personally I just love the colour that is RED!.

On Friday I decided to go search out some of the red clothing the Sasha Village children have and change them into it , to help celebrate St Valentine’s Day, also our own Valentine’s birthday and just because I love the colour and it will be nice and warming for the cold spell that’s about to hit the country.. now I have finished my week off and am back at work for the next five and a half days…..

So lets start..

With Valentine, who is wearing a red sweater by Michelle along with tartan trousers  also by Michelle and Lisa pixie boots .

He does like red does our Valentine.

Next up is Violet and Sapphire wearing lovely red Batik dresses made by Michelle, with J J shoes.

I notice Violet’s managed to get a dress with a touch of violet in it!

Now sweet Claudia wearing a Tartan dress by Ginny of A Passion for Sasha and Rosie Bloom sandals.

I just love Claudia she as such a sweet gentle way to her.

Next is Sansa who looks a like fed up!She is wearing a blouse, skirt, shoes and socks by Ruth Hartley and a Swiss style red jacket by Karen Warnaka.

You need to brush that hair Sansa, it’s getting in your eyes!

Robin is still wearing his Ginny shirts and cords.

looking nice Robin.

Next is Ginny wearing a dress by Sharon , with shoes by Ruth Hartley. Looking very modern is our Ginny.

Ginny also loves red.

Ava is wearing another Ginny dress along with Rosie bloom shoes.

Ava loves red, it so suits the brunette girls.

Valentine with a few of the girls wearing red.

Joined by Robin and Ginny.

Anoushka is in her Karen W dress, Gill Nash Socks and JJ shoes.

She likes hiding behind her fringe!

Toby’s still wearing his play dungarees by Ginny of A Passion For Sasha, teamed with his Jj shoes.

A sweet mischievous boy

Liberty is wearing a Vintage Sasha coat and hairband.

Keeps her hair nice and tidy.

Jamie very kindly joined in the fun by changing into something red!

I think red suits him

Hattie is wearing her Ginny dress and Lisa H boots.

looking good Hattie.

Another pair of twins, this time Oliver and Olivia, both wearing Ginny, APfS and Ollie in JJ shoes and Olivia in Rosie Blooms.

A happy pair of twins.

another group photo of them in red.

Well I hope you enjoyed this RED post, I have to confess I do own some more red clothing but some of the others refused to change plus one girl looked so nice in what she was wearing I decide to leave her as she was.

This lovely red is needed on this COLD winter day !!