If you like to skate…

and someone here loves to ice skate!

Belle whose been out skating for an hour is enjoying sliding along the ice twisting and turning and doing little jumps.

She whizzes past again..

Oh look how she glides on one leg balancing carefully..

She comes to a stop panting gently after all that skating.

Suddenly she catches movement out the corner of her eye !

It’s her new brother Jamie  ” Hi Belle I saw you skating and wondered if I could join you? ”
” Yes It will be nice to have some company  ” she smiles

” I could only find these old racing skates !” says Jamie showing Belle ” They won’t fit with my trainers, so I’ll have to just wear my socks!”
Belle looks worried ” What if you fall ? you could hurt your feet 1″
Jamie just smiles ” I’ll be fine I’m not afraid of the ice I lived for years in Scotland , this feels warm to me!” he boasts .

He’s soon back and they spend sometime getting used to skating together circling round and doing small moves, until Jamie says ” Ready? ” “Yes ” laughs Belle and they start to raise their arms and spin..



They spin round twice coming to a graceful stop !

They look at each other with big grins ” You’re good ” laughs Belle
” You’re better” laughs Jamie , knowing Belle’s gracefully movement makes him looking what he is novice!
” Come on lets try a jump together ” says Jamie
” Alright just one then I must go in, it’s starting to get cold ”

They complete their jump which they managed to land safely with only a small wobble and then Belle makes her way back to the house and a warm shower and some hot chocolate.

Jamie starts skating slowly round the ice, increasing his speed with each circuit .

Soon he’s cutting through the ice at speed, this is what he loves speed skating, he enjoyed skating with Belle but now with the wind whistling past his ears and  his legs pumping he felt free!

He starts leaning forward and with a whoop, races on filled with joy.

In his head he can hear the cheers and the commentator ” Yes it’s Jamie MacKenzie Owen 1st for Great Britain and Northern Ireland in this Olympic speed skating contest , well done lad !” he pushes himself harder until finally he realises he cannot longer feel his toes, so had best go back in.. a speed skater needs his toes!!