Ginny at A Passion for Sasha on and her boys clothes.

For me Ginny is the perfect maker of smart boys wear. I had to start with this outfit by Ginny worn here by Ragnor.
The detail in the shirt is exactly as you would get if this was for your real son or husband and I just love the colour and style of this shirt that teams perfectly with the cords also by Ginny. The only difference for the cords for a person is they’d want a zip!

The colour suits Ragnor so well.

Next up is Robin in another of Ginny’s shirts and cords.

Robin is another fan of Ginny’s store.

and here’s Erik in another shirt and cords by Ginny, he prefers the collar up!

Erik likes Ginny’s shirts.

and here are all the boys together.

looking good boys, best stay away from any mud! while you are in those fine clothes.

It’s a little chilly, you’d best put on some sweaters…. Pardon? you cannot wear sweaters with the shirts or they’ll get creased…. well they can be ironed….. why are you laughing…. stop pointing at the huge pile of ironing, I’ll be starting on that tomorrow…. excuse me! I did not say that last week ! Pardon.. well… okay…mmm .. okay.. I did say that last week … but I was working last week , this week I’m home…yes.. so I will know what’s going on..

Yes I will know if your clothes are all over your bedroom floor… so you need to go do something? yes of course don’t let me stop you… I’ll be up in a moment to get your washing.. pardon? oh you’ll bring it down.. I thought you might! 🙂
Many thanks to the lovely Ginny of a passion for sasha on for keeping our boys well dressed and also our girls and babies but that’s another post or two…..


It’s Trendon boy week on the face book group, so I decided that I’d take some up to date photo’s of the boys as I put them on,

I have started with Tobias and Zackery or as they are usually called Toby and Zak.

These lads are the same but so different. Toby was the first boy I ever bought, so hlds a very special place in the village family. When he arrived he smelt awful! not so much him as his hair! But having heard all the horror stories of brunette dolls hair falling , I was too worried at that time to consider the thought of washing it.

He’d come from an estate sale in the US and I did wonder if I’d made a big error in his purchase. Paul the DH told me to leave him out in th garden to air!! It was February near March, if I remember,  correctly ! Still cold with only the wintry sun shining on the good days. He’d been given a good wash of the body but the hair!! nasty, so I wrapped him in a thick towel to keep him warm !

And yes I did worry about him getting cold! and placed him on a table sheltered from any rain in the Gazebo for several hours each day. It took a good while but his hair stench receded and finally disappeared all together.

Zak on the other hand arrived in his original outfit in lovely , or so I thought, condition a few years later. I’d seen him on ebay for a nice low price so bought him. He’d been living here several months when I was holding him one day and realised that he had a big red mark running down the side of his hand!
Then I noticed he had a clear substance on one of his feet covering his toes and a mark on his leg! Observance is not one of my talents!

since his arrival , Toby and him have been the best of friends and brothers. Toby full of mischief and disaster and Zak his quiet saviour!
The village would nt be the same without them


I decided it was about time these two girls got a post on the blog

Because they are the later Gotz girls they don’t get show as much as the other girls. Although the blonde Sophie as been here a long time.

Her paler sister , a Carman I believe, not so long and for shame I cannot remember what name I gave her, so will have to look back to her arrival to find out!

She came here in displayed condition , so that meant they she needed to get out of those clothes she’d been stick in for years and into a lovely dress.

These later Gotz dolls tend to suffer from the sticking out fringe syndrome , Sophie’s is not so bad but little Miss Plaits needed to wear a hat for a good while to help her settle and it still sits away from her forehead.

The same but different! Now I had best go find out her name, she’s refusing to say but she’ll come to understand over time that I’m at that age where everyone gets called by the wrong name in this village even the flesh and blood ones.!


On the face book group they are doing a week of ‘Lurkers’ those dolls left at the back of the shelf/ cupboard because they’ve not bonded with them or have favourites that get more attention.

Well Calico Kate here is a favourite and has been standing in front of the Dvd’s, so in view , however I realised that she’d not had a change of clothes since the summer!

Mind you she did look good in what she was wearing , but since most of the others , if not all have been changed once if not twice since then, I thought it only fair that she got to wear the new dress from Ginny of a passion for Sasha.

So we went outside as the sun was shinning ,although there was a cool breeze, to take a quick couple of photo’s before I went out to an appointment.

Callie is one of the first slate eyed dolls I ever bought, so has been with me a good four or five years and is one of my keeper dolls.

I went looking for the box of socks as I am sure I have a pair that would match this dress but as usual I could not find it and since I was in a hurry and did not want to miss the light , I hopped for this pair of double strap Jean Jensen shoes which are also a great match.

I think she’s pleased to finally be getting a little attention! I’d best check if anyone else is still in clothes from way back into last year!


Well finally Peter had his wash and change of clothes.

Coming downstairs he discovers a Petrol pump in the house. That’s a little strange he thinks !

He is soon joined by Ollie and Wolfgang , they all look over the pump.

They soon workout that it’s a cupboard.

” Can I ask you something Wolfgang ? ” asks Peter
“Of course ”
“Why is your hair so so so wild? ”

“Well ” replies Wolfgang ” It takes hours of hard work to look this much like a haystack ! ” He laughs ” I don’t know it”s just the way my hair is, Mum says she’s working on it ! Whatever that means!”

“Well you’ve got plenty of it!” says Peter smiling at the grinning Wolfgang.

Mum comes along to take their photo all together but the petrol pump is in the way!

Peter and Wolfgang push it out the way, then Mum moves it.

The boys line up again for their photo’s.Sighing Wolfgang asks Ollie if he can borrow his hat.

Ollie hands it over and Wolfgang just manages to get all his hair inside.

But Wolfgang’s still not happy ” I feel like I have a bowl on my head!”

as soon as the shot’s over Ollie gets his hat back. Then Ollie stands against Peter’s back ” Who is the tallest? ” he calls to Wolfgang

“You look about the same height to me ” says Wolfgang studying the pair. Mum interrupts to ask Wolfgang and Ollie to go find some trainers for Peter, they wander off discussing what trainers he can have!

“Good ”  says Mum ” Let’s do your welcome to the Village photo’s ”

” A Close up for everyone ”
“Whose everyone ? ” asks Peter
“Why the people who call by to see what’s happening in the Village ” smiles Mum ” Turn round please ”

Facing the wall Peter says something that Mum cannot quite hear ” Pardon? ” asks Mum

” I said ” says Peter turning his head to the side ” Why am I facing the wall ? |”

” So they can see your lovely hair ”

“Why ” asks Peter turning to the side ” Do people want to see my hair ? ” He’s beginning to wonder if Mum,s all there!

“Because it’s so……. Tidy!” says Mum ” Ollie and Wolfgang should have nice tidy hair like you but Ollie’s is only just calming down and Wolfgang’s still looks like it’s in shock !”

” Well have people seen enough of my hair now? ”
“Yes but you’d best just show Mrs Digne your socks ”

“These socks? ” asks Peter looking down at his feet, he starts to wonder just ‘who’ is watching or if his new Mum is tuppence short of a shilling! He’ll humour her and ask the others just exactly who these ‘people’ are and if ‘they’ actually exist . She seems perfect sane when he first arrived but looks can be deceiving, he knew a few people who are not what they seem!

“Right that’s it ” calls Mum ” you can go and find your brothers, get your trainers on and then all go get a snack ”
“Thanks Mum ” says Peter rushing off , who cares if she’s nuts ! at least she feeds me


The unusually mild weather is over and the temperature is dropping as Winter finally decides to make an appearance !

And it is on this chilly Winter day that a newcomer to the Sasha Village arrives.

Tapping loudly on the door they await for  someone to come let them in.

At least they appear to be dressed for the cold chilly weather but wait ! They’d don’t have any socks on! Their feet must be freezing !

“Come on I am freezing ” mutters the newcomer , at last they can hear someone coming, the door begins to open

Ollie looks out ” B…! Oh sorry your not … Can I help ? ”
” Yes you can help by letting me in out of this freezing English wind!” says the newcomer

“I have traveled a long way to live here and it’s gotten very cold this last couple of days! ” says the boy ” So can I come in? ”
” Of c c course of c c course ” stammers Ollie excitedly ” C come in c c come in!”

The new boy smiles sympathetically at his new brother who appears to have a stammer !” Thank you
It will be lovely to get out of this cold wind”

Ollie steps forward and gives him a hug, then stepping back says ” I am so happy!” he grins  ” You look just  l… l… like my friend B.. B.. Bertie ! ”
The boy smiles back at his excited new brother ” Then this Bertie must be a handsome lad!” he laughs ” Just joking , I’m Peter and you ? ”
“I’m Oliver but everyone calls me Ollie !”

“Well Ollie It’s great to meet you and maybe you could take me to my new mum, so that I can get a warm drink and something to eat and maybe have a rest? ”
“Oh sorry ” gasps Ollie ” Come on, lets get you settled , I can’t wait for you to meet Wolfie !”
Peter looks a little worried ” Wolfgang ,he’s a Button boy just like us and there are three girls and now we have three boys! ,c come on c c come on.. ”
Peter shuts the door carefully, behind him, just checking all’s well , then turns to follow his new brother … thank goodness Wolfie’s a brother and not a real Wolf that would have made for a slight problem……



Oh you are here good ! I’m Valentine , don’t know if you remember me it’s been so long…

Mum tends to skip round me as I’m a little wobbly on my feet due to loose stringing But I thought I’d just pop in and let you know I’m still here in the background, toiling away doping this and that .

Oh I can hear movement, so I’d best be off.. hope to see you again sometime,until then keep well, Ciao!



We went to visit our friends Tom and Kim for dinner last night and so we also swapped Christmas presents.

I received these two great hessian bags with photo’s of my Sasha’s on them.

On this bag the image is printed on and it’s three of my No Navel girls.

With this back the photo is placed inside in a holder, so you could change the photo if you wish.

So two perfect bags to carry my Sasha’s and their clothes etc around in.

We also received

Two lovely Emma Bridgewater mugs complete with our names on.

and something I never knew was they also put the name on the bottom of the mug !

So the perfect presents and if I tell you that we gave them two Emma Bridgewater mugs, the ones for the East Anglia Childrens Hospice and a monsters inc back packet for Kim’s dolls , she collect’s mainly Kidz n Cats, we could almost say SNAP!

We left around 11 pm and opened their front door to SNOW!!! yes SNOW! so it snowed all the way home but was not really settling much.

But I got up to  this, this morning !

The front garden



Next doors front garden.

So I have a whole week off and when does it decide to snow? on Saturday night at the end of my  week!!  I just hope it’s gone by Tuesday!!

Sorry about these posts arriving in groups but I have now caught up and will try not to get so far behind again 🙂


I decided to take a couple of photo’s of my two course girls, who have not been seen much.

Brigitte decide to lean back in the chair.

Then partly hide behind her fringe!

She loves her straw hat and wants me to put some flowers on it , when I have time.

Beatrice who is I am sure the younger sister, sat nice and straight in the chair.

Beatrice also has a hat but does not wear it all the time like Brigitte, she’d also like some flower and a ribbon on hers.

Beatrice has beautiful real red hair.

The sisters together. I did think at one point about getting another but I am quite happy with these two for now.


I took the Button boys outside to take a few photo’s this was on Thursday afternoon, just as the cold wind decided to increase and the temperature drop.

So we did not hang about.

I wanted some photo’s of the boys separately, so first up was Wolfgang.

His hair is still all over the place but I quite like it that way, it’s lovely and soft after it’s wash when he arrived.

Then it was Peter’s turn, he’s still quite shy.

He’s friends arrived much to our amazement, we are slightly worried but so far all seems well…

Here’s Peter’s friend , his Wolf! Who arrived looking for him!

Last up is Oliver ( Ollie) whose complaining that he should have bought a sweater with him!

I manage to get him to remove his hat despite the cold wind, although his teeth do start to chatter!

His hair is looking much better , it was very stiff and quite rough when he arrived but it’s improving.

Well we were all feeling cold by the time the mini photo shot was over, so it was back  indoors for hot chocolate all round.