We  were greeted in the hotel lobby by this beautiful scene from a Mid Summer Nights Dream put together by Rosie Shortell.

Also a lovely scene of a baby Sasha’s nursery.

We settled into our room ,then when down to get some food having not eaten since 7am and it now being around 3pm. We decided to have the Afternoon Tea and were soon sitting eating some finger sandwiches and then they arrived with the cake section, see photo. We were unable to eat all the cakes and also had to refuse the last part of the tea, chocolate fondant and banana pieces for dipping!

We were asked if we wanted to take away the things we had not eaten and stupidly we said no!

The meet and greet was due to start later that evening but everyone was meeting in the lounge bar as they came down and soon, the constant sound of laughter and voices filled the air.People were very friendly and chatting to everyone, introducing themselves and their Sasha’s/Gregor’s.

The place was buzzing with friendly chatter, within no time at all the meet and greet was in full swing and then the swap. I did not think to take pictures of this event but everyone seemed happy with their swap.

A few of the sasha’s that were mingling .

This is Hattie making a new friend from across the pond.

very Rod !

There are more of these pictures in folder on Sasha mart and also my other blog site.

Next are just a few pictures of the Dress a Sasha comp. Very high standard of entry.

These are just a few of my favourites but I have loaded all the pictures for the dress a Sasha in a file called festival 2012, dress a Sasha on the Sasha mart so you can see all the entries there.

The Auction items were incredible, there were so many and of such variety, here are a few pictures, of what was sold.

There were four separate lots of shoes by Rosie Bloomfield, this is one of them.

One of two beautiful sets by Catherine French.

Catherine’s second set.

There were even a pair of Stain Glass hangings of Sasha and Gregor which sold for £360.

Both Kendal and Laura had donated books, Kendal’s of her fabulous Sasha’s and Laura’s of her Sasha’s adventures in Devon.

There was so much and the auction raised around £6500.

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